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How do I use Power Discs on my console?

posted on 2014/06/29

Disney Infinity Power Discs can be used to improve and enhance your Disney Infinity experience in awesome ways!

There are two different kinds of Power Discs:

Circular – these Power Discs give your character special power-ups. They can be used in Play Sets and in the Toy Box.

Disney Infinity - Circular Power Discs

Hexagonal – these Power Discs unlock special gadgets, vehicles, and themes to allow for even more personalization. They can only be used in the Toy Box.

Power Discs labeled with a ball add gadgets, vehicles, and more:

Disney Infinity - Hexagonal Power Discs 

Power Discs labeled with a paintbrush add themes, terrains
, and more:

Disney Infinity - Paintbrush / Themes 

Combine up to two circular Power Discs or two hexagonal Power Discs to create unique combinations!

How to use your Power Discs

Circular – place a circular Power Disc under a Figure on the Base. You can combine two Power Discs at a time to create different combinations. Circular Power Discs will begin to work right away!

Hexagonal – place a hexagonal Power Disc on the hexagonal spot on the base. Just like circular Power Discs, you can combine up to two at a time. If it's a theme Power Disc, a message will pop up asking if you want to change the theme.

Power Discs and Web Codes

There are no web codes for physical Power Discs. However, with the Disney Infinity Digital PC version and Disney infinity: Toy Box for iPad, you can purchase the specific Power Discs you want!

For more info, please visit
the PC Shop.

Disney Infinity - PC Shop Power Discs


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