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Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge

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How do I use Power Discs with the Nintendo 3DS?

posted on 2017/04/18

Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge - Power Discs
User-added image DISNEY INFINITY Power Discs can be used in Toy Box Challenge to provide power-ups for your character and cheats on the game board. For example: The "Pieces of Eight" Power Disc featuring Captain Jack Sparrow will earn you more coins and the Kahn the Horse Power Disc will actually roll a five when used. Make sure to try different combinations for different results, the possibilities are endless!

User-added image NOTE: There are no web codes for physical Power Discs. However, with the Disney Infinity Digital PC version and Disney infinity: Toy Box for iPad, you now have the option to purchase the specific Power Discs you want directly for a discounted price. For more info, please visit https://infinity.disney.com/pc-shop


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