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How do I use the Toy Box on the Wii?

posted on 2014/06/29


User-added imageToy Box Launch
The home world of the Disney Infinity Toy Box. From here, you can learn the basics of Toy Box mode as well as access the Disney Infinity Hub and unlocked Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds.


User-added imageDisney Infinity Hub
The Disney Infinity Hub has four pads that can be activated by standing on them to access different areas of the game.
  • Red Pad: Opens the Travel menu. Select from Mastery Adventures, Adventures and Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds. You can also save your current Toy Box or load a previously saved Toy Box or Play Set.
  • Yellow Pad: Opens the Disney Infinity Vault. Use spins earned in the game to unlock new Toys to use in the Toy Box.
  • Green Pad: Opens the Toy Store; toys you have already unlocked. Only accessible while in the Building Toy Box World.
  • Purple Pad: Opens the Hall of Heroes.


User-added imageSix Toy Box Worlds
Completing the Mastery Adventures will unlock the six editable Prebuilt Toy Box worlds where you can play with toys for that  particular Toy Box world. The six Prebuilt Toy Boxes are accessible via their "launch pads" located in Toy Box Launch or from the Red (Travel) pad on the Disney Infinity Hub.
  • Building Toy Box – This world contains the castle pieces, plants, decorations and blockhead townspeople
  • Driving Toy Box – Race track and stunt pieces
  • Combat Toy Box – Combat toys and enemies
  • Dynamics Toy Box – Physics toys
  • Platforming Toy Box – Action toys and creativi-toys
  • Sports Toy Box – Sports toys and creativi-toys


User-added imageMastery Adventures
Mastery Adventures are tutorials for the Toy Box and Play Sets. Complete the first available Mastery Adventures to unlock more. The Building Mastery, for example, shows how to create and arrange elements in the Toy Box, while the Combat, Driving and other Mastery Adventures show how to fight, drive, etc. in the Play Sets. Completing the Mastery Adventures will unlock its corresponding Prebuilt Toy Box World (e.g., complete Building Mastery Adventure to unlock the Building Toy Box).


User-added imageMagic Wand
The Magic Wand will become available only after successfully completing the Building Mastery Adventure and can only be used in the Building Toy Box. To access the Magic Wand, press the 1 button on the Wii remote. Scroll to the Magic Wand and press the A button to select. To use the Magic Wand, press and hold the C button and aim the Wii remote at the object on the screen you wish to move, edit or move. Press the direction of the  +Control Pad as indicated on the screen to execute the action.
Toy Box: Building Controls

 Enter Build / Toy Select Mode
 "+" Button 
 Exit Build Mode
 "-" Button
 Items Scroll: Left / Right
 +Control Pad: Left / Right (Tap)
 Select / Place Item 
 A Button
 Move Item
 Control Stick
 Delete Selected Item (Put Away)
 +Control Pad: Right
 Rotate Item
 C Button + Control Stick: Left / Right
 Raise / Lower Item
 C Button + Control Stick: Up / Down 
 Magic Wand 
 C Button + Wii Remote: Aim
 Camera Rotate
 +Control Pad: Up / Down
 Pause Menu
 2 Button
 Tools and Packs hub
 1 Button

User-added imageToy Box (Green) Pad
The green Toy Box pad on the Infinity Hub is only accessible while in the Building Toy Box World. To visit the Building Toy Box, move over to the red Travel pad on the Infinity Hub and select Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds. Choose the Building Toy Box to enter.


User-added imageDisney Infinity Vault
The Vault offers 16 different toys or toy packs at a time. Spins are used for a chance to randomly unlock one of the 16. You can also shuffle the Vault to get a new set of 16 toys to spin for. Spins can be collected from green capsules, completing Mastery Adventures, leveling up your character and earning medals in Character and other Adventures.


User-added imageGoing to the Play Set from Toy Box
To go to the Play Set from the Toy Box, pause the game and select Quit from the Pause menu. After selecting Yes to confirm, you will arrive at the Disney Infinity main menu. From here, you can select the Play Set you wish to play in. Make sure that you have placed a Play Set piece on your Disney Infinity base and that you have a compatible figure (for example: Lightning McQueen with the Cars Play Set piece).  

NOTE: If you already have a previously saved Play Set game, you can go to the Red (Travel) Pad on the Disney Infinity Hub (or pause the game and select Travel). In the Travel menu, select Load and then the Play Set you wish to play in.


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