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How does Club Penguin protect users from inappropriate content and language?

posted on 2014/08/25

Here at Club Penguin, everything we do starts with the question: is this safe for players?
To help protect players from inappropriate content and language, we've created a few tools.
Word filtering systems and human moderators.
Before a message is seen online, it goes through our word filter. The filter identifies inappropriate language and blocks it from being seen. We've also got a team of moderators who review conversations to watch for new language trends and make updates to the word filter.
We want to help players learn what language is appropriate and what isn't. If players use inappropriate language it can result in a temporary or permanent ban.
Player Reports
We want to empower kids to take action when they see inappropriate behavior. Players can report other players for breaking the rules. These reports are sent to live moderators who review and take any necessary action. Our moderators can take action in real time or after reviewing the report. Players can also add others to their Ignore List (this means players can't see, or hear anyone who they've chosen to ignore).

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