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How does playing on Club Penguin influence and encourage positive behavior?

posted on 2014/08/25

We incorporate a number of activities online to encourage healthy, fun, and positive activities offline.
Global Awareness: Our penguins are so generous! Did you know that during Coins For Change, every year our players give BILLIONS of virtual coins to help support real world charities around the world? We also recognize other real world events like Safer Internet Day, Red Nose Day, and Earth Day.
Sportsmanship/Teamwork: We think playing Club Penguin is more fun with friends, and our players can work together to earn achievement Stamps, complete quests, and play games.
Friendship: Players can meet new friends from all over the world. Our commitment to safety and state of the art tools help keep kids safe online.
Creativity: Feel like throwing a tropical igloo dance party? Or being a pirate monster secret agent? From designing igloos to mixing and matching crazy outfits, there are endless opportunities for players to express their unique personalities and stretch their imaginations.
Money Management: By earning virtual coins in games, players can learn to save for clothing and igloo furniture items. They can also learn to budget in order to care for virtual pets, and have the opportunity to use their coins to support various charities during Coins For Change.
Social Involvement: We think what kids have to say is important. Players can vote and share their opinions on our penguin poll and blog. They can also nominate other players for recognition on the blog.
Responsibility: Puffles are pets that players can adopt and care for. Lots of players adopt pet puffles and then give them care and attention to help them stay happy and healthy!
Safety: We strive to be one of the safest places online for children. So we've created a few simple rules to give players guidelines for appropriate online interaction. The suggested chat phrases can help players to learn about the types of conversations that are appropriate. We also encourage parental involvement, and have some useful tools for parents.
Problem Solving: Problem Solving can be fun… especially if you're also saving the world at the same time! Players can become secret agents, and use their problem solving skills to complete tasks all over the island.

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