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How/where do I buy items?

posted on 2014/08/25

Looking for new clothing? Or new furniture to decorate your igloo with? There's tons of items, and the best part is, there's something new every month.

Penguin Style Catalog
  • Go to the Clothes Shop in the Town to check out the Penguin Style catalog. It has all the latest clothing, accessories, penguin colors, backgrounds and flags.
  • At the Stadium you can find the Snow and Sports catalog. You can buy sports jerseys and equipment, plus sports gear for your igloo.
Snow and Sports
  • Open up the igloo editor in your igloo to check out the latest Furniture and Igloo Catalogs.
  • Some games also have Game Upgrade catalogs. Check out Sled Racing, Catchin' Waves, Ice Fishing, DJ3K, and Hydro Hopper.
Martial Art
  • Ninjas can purchase items from the Martial Artworks catalog in the Dojo.
Treasure Book
  • The Treasure Book has items that are only available by using codes from merchandise.


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