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I didn't get a coin code with my toy. What do I do?

posted on 2014/08/25

Some Club Penguin toys and products do not have codes with them.

Here is a list of all the merchandise that have codes you can use to unlock items online:
  • 2" Penguin Mix n Match Figures
  • 6.5" Limited Edition Penguins
  • 9" Limited Edition Penguins
  • 4" Puffles
  • 5.5" Puffles
  • 10" Jumbo Puffles
  • 2" Puffle Clip Ons
  • All Vehicle & Playsets
  • Air Hockey Set
  • Trading Cards
  • EPF Card Game
  • Nintendo DS Games
  • Wii Game
  • Pin Sets
  • Select Books
  • USB
  • Select Sporting Goods

If you have one of the above toys but do not have a code with it, please contact our Support team and we will be happy to assist you. Click the Contact Us button below to send us an email.

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