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What are some of the features in Kinect STAR WARS™?

posted on 2014/07/22

General Gameplay

What are the different types of gameplay in Kinect Star Wars?

There are 5 different gameplay modes:
  • Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising: Journey from Padawan to Jedi Master as you travel the galaxy with Jedi Master Mavra Zane. Meet familiar characters and engage in lightsaber combat, space flight, and space combat, and pilot speeder bikes. Along the way you will uncover a Sith plot to destroy the republic.
  • Duels of Fate: Engage in 5 epic contests of lightsaber mastery against the minions and Lords of the Dark Side. Use cunning and skill to defeat your enemy, but only those who are strong with the Force will earn the right to be called a Jedi Master.To access this mode, completethe tutorial in Jedi Destiny.
  • Podracing: Choose from 16 different iconic racersand race through the Galactic Circuit with Watto at your side as you compete against Sebulba and other racers to become the Galactic champion.Race alone or against a friend on 6 tracks across 5 planets: MosEisley (Tatooine), Felucia, Utapau, Bespin, Coruscant, and the Boonta Eve Classic (Tatooine).
  • Rancor Rampage: Wreak chaos and destruction across 4 locations (MosEisley, Theed, Felucia, and MosEspa) as one of 5 sub-species of the mighty Rancor. Level up to unlock new modes, locations, and gameplay perks.
  • Galactic Dance Off: Your Galactic Dance Off journey will take you to 4 different locations, (Bespin, Coruscant, Tatooine, and the Death Star), each with its own distinctive songs. Learn their rhythms and gain influence to take on the final Boss on each planet.
Can I turn my lightsaber on or off?
No, but entering combat will automatically place your lightsaber into an active state.

How can a second player join a game in progress?
In all modes except Galactic Dance Off, when a second player enters the play space and is recognized by the Kinect Sensor, the prompt “Raise your hand to join” will appear. Hold your right or left hand up to join. Note that the hand you raise to join the game will determine which hand will be used to wield your lightsaber, so choose carefully (although you can easily change lightsaber hands later by holding your other hand straight out to the side).

How do I defend myself?
There are several ways to defend against enemy attacks:
  • Deflect blaster bolts: figure-8 swings with your lightsaber
  • Reflect blaster bolts: larger figure-8 swings with your lightsaber
  • Dodge: step left or right to avoid enemy fire and/or melee attacks
  • Jump to move out of enemy fire

How do I switch my lightsaber between my left and right hands in game?
Hold the arm you wish to switch your lightsaber into straight out to the side for a few seconds. Your lightsaber will snap into that hand. Note: Lightsaber switching is applicable to Jedi Destiny only and is not available in the Duels of Fate mode.

How do I use power-ups?
Use the items you carry in your right and left hand to either attack an enemy Podracer or defend your own Podracer. To use an item, quickly raise the hand that carries the item as if you were tossing up a ball.

How do I use the Force?
There are two ways to use the Force:
  • Force Throw: Focus the Force by holding out the hand that does not wield your lightsaber. A distortion will appear over your target. Next, move your arm to adjust your aim. Finally, lift or push forward to the throw the target.
  • Force Push: Pull back the hand that does not wield your lightsaber and hold for a second to charge, and then thrust your hand forward to release a blast at your target.
What do I do if my screen is fogged up?
Wipe one of your hands left to right to wipe off the screen.

What do the red highlighted limbs mean?
Red highlights on limbs indicate either incorrect moves or missed beats.

How do I drive a speeder bike?
Steer your speederbike from side to side by leaning left and right to avoid obstacles. Lean left or right to reposition the speederbike’s targeting reticle over an enemy. Once it lockson, the bike will automatically fire.Some enemies will require you to brake suddenly to be able to target them. To do this, pull your arms back all the way to your chest, which will bring the enemies into view.

How do I increase or decrease speeder bike speed?
To accelerate, move your arms toward the screen. By extending your arms, you will go faster, and this will place you in first-person camera view. To slow down, pull your arms back to your chest and away from the screen. By pulling your arms in, you will slow down, and this will place you in third-person camera view. Traveling at slower speeds allows for more accurate targeting.



Duels of Fate

How do I attack in Duels of Fate?
You must clash in order to attack! First, lock lightsabers with your opponent. An energy pulse will shoot up and down your lightsaber. When the pulse reaches the point where your lightsaber and your opponent’s clash, a burst of colorful sparks will fly, signifying that it’s the perfect time to perform an attack. Swing your lightsaber in different directions to attack: up, down, left, or right. You can also use the Force to hurl objects at your opponent.

How do I duel in Duels of Fate?
When you start a duel, your opponent will immediately attack you. You must defend yourself and wait for an opportunity to counter-attack. You will be able to block, dodge, jump, and parry enemy attacks.


Jedi Destiny

How do I attack when playing the Starfighter sections of Jedi Destiny?
Simply hold both of your arms in front of you and move them to aim at your opponents or incoming missiles. The turret will fire automatically when hovered over an opponent. For tougher opponents or larger groups of enemies, you can launch a mine by quickly extending your arms forward. Be sure to aim when you extend your arms as this will determine where the mine is fired.

How do I know which enemies to attack when playing the Starfighter sections of Jedi Destiny?
The player crosshair will turn red and a red circle will appear when aimed at enemy units. Friendly units will display a crossed-out icon when targeting.

How do I navigate in Jedi Destiny?
To move from one location to another or to close the distance between you and an enemy, use the Force Dash. To dash, place one foot in front of you, lean forward, and throw your arms back. You can also Jump to traverse an area quickly or, when facing an enemy, simply jump in place to flip over an enemy and gain the opportunity to attack from behind.

What are the different Jedi attacks?
There are several ways to attack:
  • Basic one-handed swings
  • Two-handed attacks
  • Power moves, such as jump and smash
  • Kicks
  • Force attacks


Galactic Dance Off

How do I dance in Galactic Dance Off?
Follow the dance cards on the left side of the screen to see the upcoming moves to be performed. Mirror these dance moves with precision to achieve the best score!


Rancor Rampage

How do I get my Rancor to “Rage” in Rancor Rampage?
Hold your hands above your head to make your Rancor roar, freezing nearby enemies and civilians in fear. If you have filled the Rage bar, Roaring will send the Rancor into Rage mode, making you invulnerable and enhancing your Smash attacks for a short time.

How do I navigate in Rancor Rampage?
To move your Rancor forward, simply walk in place. To turn, twist your shoulders in the direction you would like your Rancor to move.

How do I restore my health in Rancor Rampage?
Reach down to grab enemy soldiers, civilians, and droids. To eat them, bring your hand up to your mouth. Eating humanoids will restore your health.

What are the different attacks in Rancor Rampage?
You can do the following:
  • Stomp
  • Throw
  • Overhead Smash
  • Clap your hands to send out a shockwave
  • Swing your hands to knock out oncoming enemies
  • Charge by leaning forward and moving your arms forward and backward simultaneously to rush through enemies and structures



How do I boost my pod in Podracing?
Give your Podracer a boost of speed by pushing out both arms. Once the boost is activated, return your arms to normal steering position. The boost will last until the boost meter drains or you quickly pull your arms back. You can perform the boost gesture at any time, but the boost will not activate until the meter in the lower right corner of the screen is green. Boost when the meter is fully charged to earn an extended speed boost.

How do I remove a womp rat or other uninvited guest from my Podracer?
Bring your hand back and then throw forward to toss a wrench at the creature.

How do I side-swipe another Podracer?
In a quick motion, move both of your hands either left or right to side-swipe in that direction.

How do I steer my Podracer in Podracing?
Steer your Podracer by applying varying amounts of thrust to each engine. To turn left, pull your left hand back and push your right hand forward. To turn right, pull your right hand back and push your left hand forward.



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