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What are some of the Nintendo DS features in LEGO® STAR WARS™ III: The Clone Wars?

posted on 2014/07/23

How do I get out of the glass chamber in "Lair of Grievous"?
When playing through the Lair of Grievous level, when approaching the magna guard that is stuck in a glass chamber, if the player stands right in front of the chamber when the Magna guard breaks out the player may get sucked into the glass chamber unable to get out. If this issue occurs, the player will be forced to quit out to the main menu and restart the level in order to progress.


How do I get past the first area in “Hidden Enemy” when using the lift?
When playing through the Hidden Enemy level, when the player enters the lift to go up to the roof in the first area it is possible that the lift doors will close leaving the player stuck in the first area and unable to progress If this occurs the player will be forced to quit out of the level and restart it in order to progress.


I am unable to free Jar Jar and Padme by turning off the electricity with Force Push on the "Blue Shadow Virus" - ACT 2.
The Prima Official strategy guide shows that the user should be able to use Force Push to turn off the elecricity at this part of the game on the Nintendo DS/3DS versions. This however, is a typo mistake on Prima's part. In order to turn off the electricity, there are 3 boxes that must be moved:

1. The first block is located under the floor, it takes a Jedi to "Force Move" the grate, then move the block.
2. The second block is located on the upper ledge to the right; it takes a Jedi to perform a "Jedi Jump" up to the platform, then move the block.
3. The third box requires the Jedi to Force the Bacta Tank, clearing a way to jump over to the upper platform on the left, once there use a Clone Trooper and use the clone grapple pad to move the block.


I just beat Grievous in the “Destroy Malevolence” level, but cannot proceed, what do I do now?
When playing through the Destroy Malevolence Level, when the player is attacking Grievous and his flee camera plays, if grievous clips through the player during the flee cam then the game may not progress. If this issue occurs the player will be forced to quit out of the level and restart in order to continue progression.


My game crashed in “Duel of the Droids” how do I fix this?
“Duel of the Droids” - When playing through the Duel of the Droids level, the game may crash after the player builds the Jedi Jump Pad to get the minikit that is located near the gonk Droid. This issue is a rare crash and should not occur multiple times in a row, if the player reboots the game and plays through the level they should be able to progress past this part.


My game crashed when playing in French on the Snowball Fight MiniGame, what happened?
When playing in French the title will hang when the user presses the X button whilst viewing the instructions for the Snowball Fight Minigame (translated as: Bataille de bouiles de Neige). This is a consistent crash when trying to view the Instructions for this minigame. The player will have to change the in-game language to anything other than French to get through this particular set of instructions.



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