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What are some gameplay tips for STAR WARS™ Battlefront II on the Xbox?

posted on 2014/07/19

I am getting a message "Speed Hack detected" in my Xbox Live game.
That error message indicates that you or one of the other players had a bad connection to the server, and that will generate that speed hack detected message. Try a different server.

Xbox Troubleshooting
Try the steps below in the order described. Please note the following steps require a Memory Card if you wish to back up your save games. If the save games are not copied to a memory card, then your progress will be lost as the procedure deletes all contents of the game from the Xbox hard drive, including the saves. Xbox Memory cards can be purchased for a minimal price from your local game store.

First, make a backup of any game saves you wish to keep:

1.Turn on the Xbox console with no disc in the disk tray.
2. Select MEMORY, and then select Xbox Hard Disk
3. Select the specific individual saved game name in the collection of saved games.
4. Select COPY to move that saved game to an Xbox Memory Unit.

Then, to remove all game data information from the Xbox hard drive, please do the following:
1. Turn on the Xbox console with no disc in the disk tray.
2. Select MEMORY, and then select Xbox Hard Disk.
3. Select the game if it is listed. Otherwise, skip to step 5.
4. Select REMOVE GAME to delete the selected game, including all it's saved games, from the Xbox hard disk. Select YES when prompted "Are you sure you want to permanently remove this title?" Start a NEW game in and save it. Load your old games and create a new save for each in the new format.

If you are getting a Dirty Disk Error(DDE) while playing your Xbox, please try the following:
  • Try using a DVD Cleaning kit to make sure the lens is clean and free of dirt and foreign material.
  • If the game is freezing at the same spot every time, try deleting the save files for the game from the hard drive and try the game again. (you can back them up to a memory card). You might also delete everything from the drive (soundtracks, etc) from the drive, as this has also been known to fix this type of problem.
  • Try the game in another Xbox, or exchange it at the retailer to make sure it's not the particular copy (check for smudges, fingerprints, smudges beforehand).
  • If, after troubleshooting, the Xbox is still unable to play the game, it may indicate a problem that will require service by Microsoft. Please call 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

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