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What are some general gameplay tips for Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast™?

posted on 2014/07/01


How do I take a screenshot in the game?
A screenshot can be taken through the Console Command Prompt. To bring up the Console Command Prompt in the game:

Press SHIFT + ~
Next, you will have to bind a keyboard command to the screenshot function. To bind a key to the screenshot function, type the following command:

bind k [or whatever key you want to bind] screenshot.

Press Enter.

Once you are in the game, Press K. This will create a screenshot which will be saved into the GAMEDATA folder whenever you press that particular key.


There are no games listed on the Join Server screen
If you are unable to detect any Jedi Outcast™ Servers after clicking on the 'Get New List' option from the "Join Server" screen, make sure to click on the 'Source' option at the top of the page so that it changes to 'Internet'. Once this is done, click on 'Get New List' again or 'Refresh List' to view any available Servers that are currently running.

If you still do not see games listed when you are connected to the Internet, then you are most likely behind a security firewall. Playing behind a firewall requires that you open specific ports for the game information to pass through unhindered. The specific UDP ports that Jedi Outcast™ uses are 28060, 28061, 28062, and 28070 through 28081 (inclusive.) These ports need to be opened in the Out-bound direction to join games. They will also need to be opened in the In-bound direction if you want players outside of your firewall to be able to join your dedicated or non-dedicated servers behind your firewall.

Please consult your network administrator or your router manufacturer for information on how to set up these ports.


Where are the saved games stored?
The saved games are located in the \GameData\base\saves folder in the main game installation folder.


Jedi Outcast™ Manual Errata/Updates
On Pages 8 and 9, the manual describes two separate inventory items: The "Inquisitor" and the "Seeker (Multiplayer)." Although these two items are listed separately and with different names, they are one and the same. The only difference is, in multiplayer, the item doesn't have the ability to seek out other players (as the item does in the Single Player game).

On Page 9, the manual describes Next Inventory Item and Previous Inventory Item as being assigned to the left bracket key ([) and the right bracket key (]), respectively. These descriptions are reversed. By default, the right bracket key (]) is assigned to the Next Inventory Item and the left bracket key ([) is assigned to the Previous Inventory Item.

On Page 30, under the Autoswitch description, the manual describes an Autoswitch option called "Higher Weapon If New." This option is not in the game.

On Page 30, under the Autoswitch description, the manual incorrectly mentions that "Don't Switch" is the default setting for Autoswitch. The actual Default Setting for Autoswitch is "Higher Weapon if Safe."

On Page 32, under the Game Options heading, the manual mentions a Cross Hair option. Jedi Outcast™ does not have an alternate cross hair option to toggle through.

The manual doesn't mention the existence of the option "View Swaying." This is an option that effects how the first person view will display. If you turn it "On," you'll notice a slight bounce to your character's step while walking. If turned off, there will be no bounce while walking. By default, the option is set to "On." If you experience headaches, dizziness, or eye strain while playing Jedi Outcast™, try turning this option off, as the movement caused by the "View Swaying" has been known to cause these issues with some users.

On Page 45 the manual doesn't give credit to Charlie W. Smith, who is LucasArts' Installer/Launcher Programmer. We are extremely sorry for this oversight.


The game is not saving my settings.
There are 2 shortcuts to start the Safe Mode version of the game (one for each single player and multiplayer modes) in the Start menu group for Jedi Outcast™. However, these 2 shortcuts are for troubleshooting the game and they will reset all controller, video and other option settings to the defaults when used. Make sure that you are not starting the game using one of these "safe mode" options.

What was the directory where you installed the game? Please uninstall and then reinstall the game to the default directory on the system (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars™ JK II Jedi Outcast™) to see if this resolves the problem. If there is no room on the C: drive please make sure that a directory is listed for installation so that the game does not try to install to the root directory of a drive. (e.g. install to "d:\JK2" not just "d:\", etc.).

There is an application available online which allows players to play without the game CD in the drive. This CD hack program has been known to cause problems with the game. If you are using this program, please discontinue using it and uninstall and reinstall the game (perhaps to a new directory location) to see if this resolves the problem.

If your game settings still will not save properly, make sure that you are running the game from the hard drive, by selecting Single Player or Multiplayer on the Jedi Outcast™ Launcher Menu or by running the jk2sp.exe (single player) or the jk2mp.exe (multiplayer) file directly from the game's "Gamedata" folder on the hard drive.

Please download and install the Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast™ 1.04 update (available here). This update is required for multiplayer compatibility with other players who have the update installed.


I killed the officer I was supposed to Mind Trick on Cairn Assembly and can't beat the level. How do I fix this?
Unfortunately you will need to either load a save game or restart the level. Once this script break has occurred, there isn’t a way to recover.


My lightsaber is stuck in a wall and won't come out. How can I get it back?
This is an issue we have seen on the map Yavin Final. Unfortunately you will need to either load save game or restart the level.




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