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What are some general gameplay tips for Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith?

posted on 2014/07/19


I cannot get out of the cell on level 8 in STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith.
If you try to pull the key from the Gamorrean at a really sharp angle just as he moves out of view, you may be able to remove it from his belt but not actually grab it. You'll be stuck and need to restart the level.


Why did the level suddenly restart?
Several levels have puzzles or timers that will cause the level to restart if you try to solve the puzzle in the wrong order, or if you run out of time. This is a necessary evil to prevent you from getting stuck in an unwinnable situation.


Where are the in-game Taunts?
There is a file installed from the Mysteries of the Sith CD called JKMsndL0.goo, which is located within the "Resource" directory in the game's folder on your hard drive. If you send this file to Wordpad or another text editor, you will see a number of ".wav" file names contained in this file. These wav files are the game's built-in sounds. You might also be able to find a list of these built-in wav file names online, by searching some of the 3rd party Jedi Knight websites that are set up by fans of the game.
Once you have the names of these sounds written down, then you can try using them in a multiplayer game (refer to the instructions contained in section 5B of the "Mysteries of the Sith Readme" file which you can access from the Mysteries of the Sith Launcher Menu).
As an example, start a multiplayer game with a friend. Once you have started the game and the level has loaded, hit "T" to bring up the "Send to all:" prompt on the top of the screen. Then assign a wav file to a number (for instance, type "1=mj60104.wav" and hit ENTER). You should receive a confirmation of the command at the top of the screen, such as "Taunt 1 defined as 'mj60104.wav'."
Now, when you hit "T" during the game to send a message, and you type "1" and hit enter, the game will display the message at the top of your screen (i.e. "You say, 'mj60104.wav'") and this wav file will be played back on the computers of all other players who are in the game. Whenever you send the message "1" to all players, the game will play the mj60104.wav file, unless you then go and reassign "1" to a different wav file. You can assign up to 10 taunts, using number assignments of 0 to 9, and the particular wav file taunt number assignment will be saved (even for subsequent games) until you reassign the particular taunt number using the method above.
Please refer to the "Mysteries of the Sith Readme" file for information on using your own custom wav files as taunts in the game.


Saving game after completing final objective creates a save game error.
Occasionally, if you save (or quicksave) your game immediately after completing the final objective at the end of some levels, you may receive a save-game error. If you experience this problem, please exit the game, then restart the game and load a save game from an earlier point in the level.


I cannot select Darth Vader as my character in a single-player game. It shows him in a screenshot on the box.
The Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Companion Missions disc for Dark Forces II includes Darth Vader as a multiplayer character option. Darth Vader does not appear in the main game, as he is not directly a part of the Dark Forces storyline, though we did include him as an option for multiplayer characters. The screenshot you refer to on the game box is from a multiplayer game of Mysteries of the Sith.


I used Force Pull on the heavy explosives and I can't finish "Ka'Pa The Hutt." (Level 5)
If you try to Force Pull the Heavy Explosives near the end of Level 5, when you pick them up, they don't appear in you inventory and you cannot finish the level. The solution is to load a save game prior to using Force Pull on the Explosives and don't try to use it on them.



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