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STAR WARS™: The Clone Wars

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I have questions about The Clone Wars.

posted on 2014/08/15

How do I access the costumes and outfits I've unlocked?
You can choose a costume while on the Rogue Shadow, the ship where you select your mission.

Is there a way to skip the intro story movie that plays at the beginning of every new game?
No, you cannot skip this cutscene.

How do I save the game?
You will be asked to select a slot for the auto-save function when you start this game. STAR WARS™: The Clone Wars will then save your progress automatically!

I chose multiplayer, but cannot find Challenge or Campaign.
Challenge and Campaign are single player options only.

Does STAR WARS™ The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance for Nintendo DS have any multiplayer modes?
No, it's a single player game only.



The links below are the latest update files available for  STAR WARS™: The Clone Wars:

General - http://static.dolimg.com/mh_netstorage/lucasfilm/patches/pc/CloneUpdate1_1.exe
German – http://static.dolimg.com/mh_netstorage/lucasfilm/patches/pc/CloneUpdateDeu1_1.exe



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