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Klutzy the Crab

posted on 2014/08/25

Klutzy the Crab

"Click click, clickety click =D"

Klutzy is Herbert's lackey. He's fiercely loyal and a happy-go-lucky crustacean. The EPF considers him considered highly suspicious and somewhat adorable.
Klutzy once helped the EPF save the island from sinking! And may or may not have been involved in a few other of Herbert's failures to warm up the island.
Favorite snack: Leftover fish
Favorite game: Catch
Where you might find him: Klutzy has been spotted helping Herbert in System Defender. Agents can use the Spy Phone to teleport to the Command Room---and protect the EPF mainframe by clicking on the System Defender computer.
Random facts:
  • He loves puffles
  • He saved Herbert from drowning
  • He likes playing video games

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