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What do I do if my console locks up while playing?

posted on 2014/06/29

If your console locks up while playing, try out the following solutions to improve gameplay:

  • Corrupted Save: If a corrupted save is suspected to be the cause, try starting a new game first before deleting the older save file. The older save file may be able to be revisited and perform without incident in a different section of the game.
  • Extras (active): Too many active Extras (or Red Hats) may cause issues in performance or even lockups. To turn off Extras, select Extras from the Pause menu. Scroll to the Extra to be turned off and select to deactivate. Reselecting will reactivate the Extra.
  • Co-op Play: If lockups are experienced while in co-op, try completing the level in single-player and then return to Free Play and replay in co-op mode.
  • Rest: Long gaming sessions may take a toll on the console; a 10 to 15 minute break every few hours can help.

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