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How do I troubleshoot SecuROM issues in LEGO® STAR WARS™ II:The Original Trilogy?

posted on 2014/07/23

SecuROM™ is a copy control system for content distributed via CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. It was developed and is maintained by Sony DADC Austria. Replication of SecuROM-protected titles is available throughout the world.  Below you will find solutions to the most common issues involved with Star Wars software utilizing SecuROM.


If you have encountered the message "Wrong disc inserted", SecuROM has determined a disc different than the original or game disc was detected. This could be caused by a backup copy, or in the case of a multiple disc set, the wrong disc was inserted before starting the program.  

If this occurs during installation, this indicates the installer was not quite ready to recognize the next disc in the series.  Please ensure that the correct disc is inserted when the system is ready to receive it. 

NOTE: Even though the window to insert the next disc may have appeared, many drives take time to spin down and finish the previous write before accepting the next disc in the install.


If you have encountered the message "No disc inserted" when attempting to launch the game, this indicates SecuROM has determined there is no disc in a local physical drive.

If you can find the disc in your Windows Explorer, there could be a software conflict. A possible cause might be a CD/DVD burning software which uses the DLA (drive letter access) technology.

You can disable DLA following these steps:

1. From the desktop, click on Start and select Run
2. In the Open: field, type "cmd" to get the command prompt and click OK
3. Type "dla disable e:" (where "e:" is the drive's assigned letter)
4. You should receive a message that the operation was complete.
5. Close the command prompt window and attempt to launch the game.


When attempting to run the program, you received the message "Emulator detected!", SecuROM has determined you are trying to start the protected application from a virtual drive.

In order to resolve this error and allow the game to play, it will be necessary to deactivate your virtual drives and emulation software. It is not necessary to completely remove or uninstall them. Other programs, similar to emulation tools (e.g. CloneCD/DVD, AnyDVD and DVD Region Killer, etc.) can cause this message. Deactivating these tools should resolve the issue, if present.


"A required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed." SecuROM has determined a debugging or an emulation tool is running. It will be necessary to determine the program causing the conflict and then deactivate these tools before starting the program. It will not necessary to uninstall them.

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