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Why is there no audio during my Disney Infinity game on the Xbox 360 or WiiU?

posted on 2014/06/29

Players may experience loss of audio or other sound issues during gameplay in Disney Infinity, especially while in Toy Box mode. This issue has been known to sometimes occur when there are many placed, editable items (Creativi-toys) in use at the same time or if figures are being continually swapped out.

The issue can be usually be remedied by simply saving and then relaunching your saved game:

Saving the game:

1. Pause the game
2. From the Pause menu, select Save
3. Choose the save slot for your game
4. When prompted "Your progress will be overwritten. Do you want to continue?", select Yes to confirm
5. Select Accept when presented with the save file (Toy Box) name, then select OK
6. Return to the Pause menu, scroll down to and select Quit, then Yes to confirm

Relaunching the game:
1. From the main menu, select The Toy Box
2. Select Load Game and choose the saved game file
3. When prompted, select Load to relaunch your saved game


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