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How do I sync my Maleficent Free Fall progress?

posted on 2017/10/13

Syncing is available for the following devices:

Sync with Android

This feature with save your level progress to Google Play Games. Power-ups are saved locally to your device and cannot be transferred. 
  1. Launch Maleficent Free Fall 
  2. Tap the "Google Play Games" icon in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Log into your Google account, or create a new account 
  4. To continue your game progress on another device, simply follow the steps above on the second device. Make sure you log into the same Google account.

Sync with iOS

iCloud saves your level progress only, so if you don't progress on the map your game won't save. Power-ups are saved locally to your device and cannot be transferred. Your progress won't save unless you are both logged into your iCloud account and have turned iCloud on.

To login to iCloud: 
  1. Open up "Settings", then tap "iCloud" 
  2. Enter your iCloud email address and password 
To turn iCloud on: 
  1. Open up Settings, then tap iCloud 
  2. Tap iCloud Drive 
  3. Move the slider to the green ON position
Note: If you're syncing between two devices, both devices will need to be using the same iOS version and the same iCloud account. 

Visit Apple's site for more information on setting up iCloud on your devices.

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