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What are Mysterious Chests and how do I open them?

posted on 2014/06/29

Mysterious Chests are treasure chests that appear suddenly and mysteriously in the reef.

Once unlocked, they may contain Sand Dollars, Algae, Spines, and in rare instances, Pearls.

Mysterious Chests
There are three different methods to opening your Mysterious Chest:

Pick Lock: The Pick Lock method will usually result in a broken lock and a chest that cannot be opened.

Use Common Spines: With each Common Spine used, the Mysterious Chest is slowly opened by a random percentage. Continue using the Common Spines to open the Mysterious Chest completely.

Open with Rare Spines: Use the amount of Rare Spines indicated and your Mysterious Chest will open. If you do not have enough to open the chest, you can trade Pearls for more.

Tips and Hints:

  • The rewards contained in all Mysterious Chests are completely random.
  • Chest availability is varied. Try playing Hide and Seek, visiting a friend’s reef, or completing your Daily Reward while you wait!

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