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How do I increase my Vitality?

posted on 2014/06/29

Nemo's Reef - Vitality

Vitality represents the collection of Plants, Rare Plants, Rare Fish and Guests in the reef. The higher the Vitality, the better the chances of growing a Rare plant that will attract a Rare fish!

Rare Plants
Planting and growing Rare Plants, including multiples of the same variety, help increase the Vitality of your reef. Selling your Rare Plants may decrease your reef's Vitality.

Ornamental Plants
The first Ornamental Plant of any variety will add to your reef's Vitality. Planting and growing multiples of the same variety of Ornamental Plant will not increase your reef's Vitality.

Maximum Vitality
Once you have reached your maximum Vitality rating, you will have to continue leveling up your reef before you can increase Vitality. If you see your Rare Plants, Rare Fish or Guests are not currently at 100%, you’ll have to acquire a new variety to increase Vitality.

100% Vitality on a level will increase the number of available patches in the Nursery.

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