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What are the Online House Rules?

posted on 2016/04/06

Whether this is your first time online or you're a seasoned visitor, we've spelled out a few of our House Rules for you here:
1. Thumper was right – If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nuthin' at all. We live by words online, so when it comes to message boards, e-mails, or chats of any kind, we don't allow obscene, bigoted, or sexually explicit language. We reserve the right to remove postings that contain obscene, bigoted, insulting, abusive, or hateful content, and suspend or terminate the guest accounts of anyone who posts such content. Any harassing notes or postings that might be construed as stalking will be deleted, and we reserve the right to inform and/or provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in any way we deem appropriate. We also reserve the right to remove notes that are off the subject or not in English.
2. No solicitations or advertisements are allowed. These include advertisements for any business or latest get-rich-quick scheme. Such notes add clutter and devalue conversation.
3. You may not suggest, encourage, boast about, or discuss your participation in, any illegal activity. If illegal activity is discussed on message boards or in chat rooms, we reserve the right to inform and/or provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in any way we deem appropriate.
4. You must have copyright ownership of all material that you post on our message boards and in our chats. No articles, recipes, song lyrics, art, graphics, or other material may be posted without the express written consent of the copyright holder.
5. Elastigirl said it best – Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it. You should never give out any personal information about yourself or anyone else, and never ask for personal information from others. This means no posting of phone numbers, screen or user names (including Voice Over Internet Programs (VOIPs)), addresses, e-mail addresses, Social Security numbers, passwords, or any other private information. In addition, any discussion of Web addresses or social networking Web sites where personal information is, or can be posted or exchanged, is not allowed.

6. Having good manners online means that you don't post the same note more than once. The online word for posting many times on one topic is "spamming." We don't allow that.
7. You participate at your own risk on the message boards, in chat, and in e-mail. All chats may be monitored by our staff members. You take responsibility for postings under your identification and use the information provided on this site, including on message boards, chat, and e-mail, at your own risk. We take no responsibility for the content or opinions posted on message boards, chat, and e-mail.
8. We reserve the right to remove any postings (although we have no duty to do so).
9. If you see any chat, or message board post that you feel violates any of the above house rules, please notify the community host by e-mail.
10. By posting to any portion of this site, you agree to abide by our Terms of Use.
11. Use good judgment, and have a wonderful time.
For more information, be sure to read our Terms of Use. Generally speaking, these House Rules simply require respect and good manners. Use common sense and you'll feel right at home!

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