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posted on 2014/08/25

CP - Rookie
"Go rubber ducky! The fate of the island rests in you!"

Rookie is an earnest, but sometimes fumbling secret agent whose good intentions rarely go to plan. He brings a special gift to the EPF squad - he can speak fluent crab.
Rookie's called into action for PSA and EPF missions, like the top secret Operation: Herbert's Revenge. He's always eager to protect the island, even if he sometimes makes mistakes.
Favorite snack: Sardines and jam sandwich.
Favorite game: Hide and Seek
Why you should meet him: There's never a dull moment with Rookie around. He's always up for a good laugh.
Where you can find him: Rookie can be hard to track down when he's visiting. You can always try the school or the silliest place at the party.
Random facts:
  • He likes elevator music
  • He has a pet rock
  • He's helped organize the Underwater Party, even though it resulted in half the island sinking, and the Halloween Party in 2013, even though he ordered cursed candy
  • He helped open the Club Penguin University in July 2013

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