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STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight©: Dark Forces II

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How do I play STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II?

posted on 2014/07/22

Here are some general tips and strategies for Jedi Knight:
  • Save at the beginning or middle of levels, not at the end and never save after the level goals have been accomplished.
  • Do not rely on Quick Saves alone.
  • Use the Jump and Crouch keys to swim up and down.
  • If you are using the 3D map in the PDA (not the overlay map in game mode) and the map disappears, try moving around. Walls at the current angle you are at may be blocking the camera view.
  • If you die in a dangerous location during multiplayer, wait a second before pressing a key to re-spawn.
  • Do not stand on elevators if they might crush an enemy below. (They might pull you under with them at the last second!)
  • If another Jedi has you trapped using the Force power Grip, do not exit from the game and try to rejoin. (Cheaters never win.)
  • If your keyboard does not have a plus key or any other key that the game may normally use, just remap it to a different key in the keyboard controller screen in the game.
  • Chapter 11: Do not save the game after killing just one of the brothers.
  • Chapter 15: If you can not complete this level in time, your ammo will not reset.
  • Chapter 16: If Yun Force Pulls your weapon, you may not notice it till you try to switch to a different weapon.
  • Chapter 18: Do not jump on any Payloads till they have reached the ground level. (They don’t make boxes like they use to.)
  • Chapter 21: If you save while Jerec is meditating then come back into the game, Jerec may seem a little odd. (For example, Jerec may attack from the meditating/sitting position or his lightsaber may disappear momentarily.) Everything is fine and the game will quickly correct this.
How to acquire Force Powers
You only acquire force stars and abilities when you play the single player version of Jedi Knight. When you create a multiplayer character, you need to specify the level of mastery for your character at the start, and this will never change for that character. Please see page 41 and up in your Jedi Knight manual for instructions on creating multiplayer characters.

Selecting Force Powers
After completing a level, based on your performance (i.e. if you discover all of the secrets) you may be awarded a certain amount of stars that you can assign to various Force powers. It is important to note that the only time you will be able to assign stars is immediately following the completion of the level. Although you can access the Force Powers screen while playing a level, even if you have saved stars, you will not be able to assign them until the next level is completed.

Can I turn off the head-bob in Jedi Knight Dark Forces II?
It is not possible to turn off the head-bobbing in the game.

How to take a screenshot
F12 is the default key for taking a screen shot in Jedi Knight. The message "screenshot taken" should appear at the top of the screen when this key is pressed while playing the game. The screen shot should save in the main folder for the game on your harddrive. The screen shot file names will appear as "jshot000", "jshot001", etc. These are bitmap ".bmp" files that can be opened with Microsoft Windows Paint or other picture viewer applications.

If you encounter problems with the built-in screen capture program, then you may need to ensure that you close other applications before playing Jedi Knight. To do this, right-click on any icons on the Windows Task Bar or next to the clock and select to Exit, Close, Disable, or Unload these applications before launching the game.

You may also want to try using another Windows screen capture utility that is running in the background when you play the game to see if it will work for you.

What does the 1.01 update for Jedi Knight: Dark Force II correct?
This update address the problem with loss of joystick control during play with some joystick configurations and a cures a lock-up when enabling the crosshairs in the game while using a Voodoo 2 3D acclerator card.

This update can be found here.

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