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What do I do if I receive errors trying to play STAR WARS™: Jedi Knight Dark Forces II?

posted on 2014/07/22

An error message about Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC appears when installing or starting the program
For assistance in troubleshooting a CRC error when installing or starting the game, please visit here.

I am getting a message when trying to launch a multiplayer game, "Join Error: Cannot Connect To That Network Service".
If you receive this error while setting up a Direct Serial game, you may have chosen a conflicting or unavailable COM port. Try again choosing a different COM port on the computer that received the error. If all COM ports get this error, they are either disabled or are being used by another device, such as a serial mouse or modem. Refer to your computer’s documentation or the manufacturer for information on enabling your COM port.

If you receive this error while trying to play an IPX or TCP/IP game over your network, you probably don't have the appropriate network protocol installed. You must have either an IPX or a TCP/IP protocol loaded to play the game over a network. Please talk to your Network Administrator for assistance in setting this up.

If you are playing on a home LAN, it is recommended that you use only the IPX protocol. The TCP/IP protocol requires special configuration and should only be used if you know how to configure the TCP/IP protocol for use in a peer-to-peer network.

I am having trouble with an add-on or mod that I've downloaded for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
Unfortunately, LucasArts doesn't produce any of the custom add-ons that you can find on the Internet, and we are not familiar with how to use them. You may want to try contacting the author of the custom add-ons for information on how to use them with our game. If these custom files have caused problems with the main game, then you should try uninstalling the game, then completely clear out the Jedi Knight directory on your harddrive of all files, and reinstall the game.

I get a black screen lock-up in Dark Forces II
If you are encountering a situation where the entire game locks-up with a black screen, and you have checked to make sure that your system is fully DirectX certified, the problem may be related to enabling 3D acceleration within the game when it is not supported. As of right now, Jedi Knight currently supports the following Cards and Chipsets in 3D Acceleration Mode:
Diamond Monster 3D
Orchid Righteous 3D
Deltron RealVision Flash3D
Hercules Stingray 128/3D
Creative Labs 3D Blaster
Intergraph Intense 3D 100
Sierra Screamin' 3D
Matrox Graphics Mystique (4MB version)

3Dfx Voodoo
Rendition Verite 2200
Rendition Verite 1000-E
Matrox MGA-1064SG
If you do not have one of the above listed chipsets/cards you will be limited to playing it without 3D acceleration. To prevent the black screen lock-up, go to the "Display" area in the "Setup" menu and uncheck the "Enable 3D Acceleration" button. This should resolve the problem.

Internet Latency And Dropped Packets Affect Performance
If your Internet connection experiences excessive latency or dropped packets while playing the game, various problems may occur:
  • There may be inconsistencies between what different players see.
  • Players may appear to jump around the screen.
  • Doors may be corrupted or look open when they are really closed.
  • You may experience extreme pauses during gameplay.
  • Weapons or scopes may not be accurate.
  • Items or weapons may not affect you.
  • You may be unable to pick up items, such as health packs, shields, or ammo
  • You may enter the game and be unable to move or change weapons.
  • Other players may be unable to target or shoot you.
  • Here are some things to try if you are experiencing any of the above problems:
  • Everyone can stop moving in the game for a few seconds.
  • Try playing with fewer players in the game.
  • Disconnect from your ISP and then try reconnecting to get a more reliable connection to the Internet.
  • Connect later when the Internet may be less congested.
  • Turn off colored lighting if you are in 3D acceleration mode.
Problems caused by high latency and occasional dropped packets usually correct themselves within a few moments. . You can also use the in-game PING command from the game's (Mysteries of the Sith) console to determine the quality of each player's connection.

Mouse Pointer Disappears In Menu Screens.
If you are experiencing a situation where the mouse pointer is disappearing in the main menu area of Jedi, it may be due to the particular mouse pointer that you are using. We have found that custom pointers, such as those that are installed as part of a desktop theme, will sometimes not be visible on the main menu screen. Often, it will appear as if the mouse pointer is invisible. However, you will see the menu choices become highlighted as the pointer passes over them, and will still be able to select them by clicking the mouse. If you experience this, we recommend that you first try returning to the desktop by simultaneously pressing the ALT and TAB keys. Once you are at the desktop, click on the Jedi Knight button on the task bar to restore the game. If this does not restore the mouse pointer, we recommend that you try using the default Windows mouse configuration when playing the game. This should resolve the problem.

Poor Performance While Playing On The Internet Gaming Zone
Some systems may experience diminished performance while playing on the Internet Gaming Zone. Specifically, slow downs and jerky movement in the game, in conjunction with hard drive accesses. This is caused by excessive swap-file access due to the higher memory overhead of running a Web Browser and the game at the same time. This is most common on Pentiums with 16 Megabytes of RAM. If you experience any excessive hard drive access or slow downs you may want to try closing any virus detection or extra programs to free up memory. You may also want to task switch using Alt-Tab and close the browser after joining a game. Click the game on the task bar to return.

When I Alt+tab or task switch out of the program, I get a black or gray screen or the program does not function properly or crashes.
Alt-Tabbing out of graphically intense or DirectX-based games is not recommended. Do not Alt-Tab out of a DirectX -based game or application.

When I enable Backbuffer In System Memory, the game crashes or the graphics are corrupted in Dark Forces II.
If you select Backbuffer in System Memory the game may crash or you may see a corrupted palette when you hit ESC to go into the in-game menus. This is an option that helps speed up the display of transparent sections/areas in the game, but not all video cards may be able to support it.

Which disc is used for multiplayer?
Jedi Knight includes two game CD's. You need to install the game on a system using Disc 1. You need to place the appropriate disc in the drive to play the single player missions (Disc 1 for Levels 1-8, and Disc 2 for Level 9 and up). A player can Host or Join a multiplayer game with either game CD in the drive. Thus, two players can play a multiplayer game with one copy of Jedi Knight once it is installed on both systems.


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