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What are some general tips to play STAR WARS™: Scene Maker?

posted on 2014/06/29

Control the Action

Use your fingers to zoom in, pull back and explore the 3D environment of your scene. The scene will open with characters and vehicles already set up for you, but you can change their starting positions by dragging them around your scene.

You can also tap on the camera icon in the bottom left corner to switch between views while setting up your scene.

Set up Characters and Vehicles

Add characters and vehicles to your scene by tapping open the R2-D2 icon. Slide to highlight a character or ship, then drag it into your scene.

If you don't want something in your scene, tap on it to bring up the command menu, then tap on the Trash icon under R2-D2 to delete.

Watch the colored circle. If it fills up and turns red, you can't add anything else to your scene.

Give Orders

Tap on a character or vehicle to open the radial menu. Assign commands to our characters or vehicles. Decide on their movements, plan their attacks or give them a voice.

Start Filming

Start filming by tapping the Action button. The filming bar at the bottom of the screen representing the maximum scene length of 80 seconds will begin to fill up. Switch between the three cameras to film different views of the action in real-time. Note that the filming bar is color-coded to indicate your camera choices.

Control the Action

Remember, you can always pause filming. While paused, give characters or vehicles new orders, move cameras, change camera modes or add more dialogue. It's up to you. While paused, you won't be able to add, delete or change the existing positions of characters or vehicles unless you rewind to the beginning.

Rewind to the beginning of your scene by tapping the Rewind button. From here, tapping the Action button again will replay your current camera choices. You can make new choices by tapping the camera buttons as the scene films - this will overwrite any camera choices for the rest of the scene.

Finish your Scene

When you're done, tap the Finishing icon to finish your scene. Add a title crawl, music and credits, then sit back and watch.


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