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posted on 2014/08/25

CP - Sensei

"Long is the journey... With many wins and losses... We must learn from both."

Sensei is a powerful ninja who mentors his students in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. He trains them so that they may master the elements of Fire, Water, and Snow at the Dojo.
Favorite snack: Sushi
Favorite game: Card-Jitsu
Why you should meet him: To hear his wisdom and learn how to master the elements.
Where you might find him: If you wish to train in Card-Jitsu, you can find him at the Dojo.
Random facts:
  • He is rumored to have many powers including invisibility and control over the elements
  • He is said to be the oldest of all penguins on the island
  • His once friend Tusk, has become his greatest enemy, and threatens all ninjas
How to become a ninja: If you think you're ready to become a ninja, use your map to journey to the Dojo. There, seek out Sensei to begin training in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu.

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