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Technical Terms

posted on 2014/08/25

When you visit a web page, your browser will store information about it in something called a cache. If you visit the same page more than once, your browser will go to the version saved in the cache to save time. That's a good thing, but it might also mean that you see an older version of the web page. You need to clear your cache to get rid of this older version.

Firewalls are a set of programs designed to keep unwanted or unsafe information from getting to your computer through an internet connection. It's like a locked door that blocks intruders.

Flash Player
Flash Player is a computer program that lets you listen to music and sound, and watch video and animation on your computer. When you connect to an site that uses music or graphics, your Flash Player will help you see, hear and interact with it.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Your Internet Service Provider is the company that gives your home computer access to the internet.

A modem is a device that takes the signal from your computer and transforms it so it can be sent over a telephone line.

Every picture you see on a computer screen is actually made up of tiny little squares. Each of these squares is called a pixel.

Your computer has many ports to help it gather information from the internet. When you play Club Penguin, one of those ports is receiving information about the game.

A router is like a traffic officer directing cars. Your router directs information from the internet to different parts of your home network---usually other computers.

Screen Resolution
Screen resolution is a measurement that tells your computer how detailed an image should be displayed. The measurement shows how many pixels are in an image. The more pixels you have, the more detailed your image will be.

A server is a system of computers that delivers information and programs to other computers that are connected to it over the internet. To play Club Penguin, you are connecting to one of Club Penguin's servers. When you select Avalanche, Below Zero, etc. you are connecting to a server.

A company can download a spyware program without you even knowing about it. The program monitors your activity on the internet. It can interfere when you are trying to make an internet connection, or log on to a website. There are programs you can use that check for spyware on your computer and clean it out for you. If you're unsure if you have a program to protect you, ask your parent for help.

A virus is a dangerous computer program that can harm the software running on your computer. You can download a virus off of the internet without knowing it. There are programs you can use that check for viruses on your computer and get rid of them for you. If you're unsure if you have a program to protect you, ask your parent for help.

Web Browser
When you log on to the internet, you use a web browser to help you visit different sites. The name of your browser should be on the icon that you click on when you connect to the internet. It will also appear at the top of your screen when you are connected.

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