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What is the Second Shot feature in Temple Run: Brave?

posted on 2014/06/29

The new Second Shot feature is an opportunity for players to obtain power ups (such as Wisp Magnets and Resurrection Wings), score modifiers, and extra points at the end of a run. While running, players can jump to get up to three shots to use in the Second Shot feature. Once their shots are expended, additional shots cost coins and the cost increases with each subsequent shot.
First shot is always free, as it takes at least one Second Shot token found in the game to enable the Second Shot mini-game. The player can have up to 3 free shots. Remaining shot prices are as follow:
  • 1st paid shot: 5%
  • 2nd paid shot: 10%
  • 3rd paid shot: 15%
  • 4th paid shot: 20% (if only 1 or 2 free shots)
  • 5th paid shot: 25% (if only 1 free shot)
Percentage is of initial player balance before starting the Second Shot mini-game. A player buying 5 extra shots will spend exactly 75% of his account balance.


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