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How do I complete missions?

posted on 2018/02/22

Not sure how to blitz through a mission? Check our list below for help!
These missions can be completed in a single game.
Use sun power x times in one game
  • Goal: Swipe a sun onto an emoji to create sun power. Do this enough times in one game to complete the task.
  • The suns on the board have to be swapped with an emoji. A sun won't count towards your total if a different power up sets it off.
  • Match 5 emojis in an L or T-shape to create a sun.
  • Flounder's a great emoji to use on this mission. His power often helps set up suns. 
Combo a star with an item
  • Goal: Swipe a star onto an item to complete this task. 
  • Having trouble lining up a star and an item? Try Tinker Bell's power. It sometimes adds stars to the board. 
Collect x items in one game
  • Goal: Collect enough items in one game to complete the task.
  • Swipe a star with an item to add more items to the board. 
  • Having trouble lining up a star and an item? Try Tinker Bell's power. It sometimes adds stars to the board. 
Combo [power up 1] with [power up 2]
  • Swipe one power up onto the other to complete this task. 
  • Use an emoji with powers that will make one of these power ups appear.
Combo a star with [emoji]
  • Swipe a star with the correct emoji to complete this task.
  • Match 5 emojis to create a star
  • It's possible to get a mission requiring an emoji that you don't have. If you're having trouble getting the emoji, you might want to swap the mission out. 
Use x lightning in one game
  • Swipe lightning onto an emoji. Do this enough times in one game to complete the task.
  • The lightning on the board has to be swapped with an emoji. The lightning won't count towards your total if a different power up sets it off.
  • Make lightning by matching 4 emojis. 
  • Try Mickey out for this mission. His power will add lightning to your board.
Play a game between x time
  • Your points won't matter. So long as you finish the game, you'll complete the mission.
  • The time is based on your time zone.?
Get x amount of points in one game
  • Choose an emoji with a high Point Value. (Tap an emoji on the Emoji Collection screen to see its point value).
  • A higher Blitz Bonus will make this mission easier. The more emojis you clear in Blitz Mode, the bigger your Blitz Bonus gets. (Your Blitz Bonus can be seen on the Missions tab below your Level).

These missions can be completed over multiple games.
Play x games with a Power Level of x
  • Visit your Emojis page (tap on More Emoji) to see an emojis power level. Tap on any of your emojis and look for the number listed on the shield. 
  • Don't have any Power Level 2 emojis? Earning duplicate emojis will increase their power levels fast. 
Image of the Power Level circled
Collect x coin?
  • Score big points during a game to earn more coins.
  • Minnie Mouse can roll through this mission! Her power will add hearts to some emoji's eyes. Match these emojis for extra coins!
Use a gold/silver emoji x times
  • Only emojis awarded from either silver or gold boxes can be used for this challenge
  • Emojis from special events and villain challenges (like Ursula) don't work on this challenge. 
  • You don't have to use the same emoji each game.
Clear x emojis
  • This one's simple. Just take in your best emoji and get blitzing. 
  • Focus on getting matches that create sun, lightning, and star power-ups.
Clear x emojis from the top/bottom row
  • Focus on getting a lightning or sun power-up to the row you need to clear. Once it's on the right row, you can clear all of it!
  • The challenge is tougher if you're trying to clear the top row. Be patient and wait for matches to fall into place.
Spin the free prize wheel x times
  • On the main screen, tap the prize wheel above More Emojis, then tap Free Spin. Everyone's a winner!
Image of the Free Spin icon on the main page
Blitz mode x times
  • Clear emojis to fill the rainbow bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Focus on creating power-ups. These will be way more effective than matching 3 emojis at a time. 
Complete x daily challenge
  • Find your challenges by tapping on the 4th tab (a dartboard icon) on the main screen. 
  • You only have the day to complete challenges, so plan out which ones you can do.
Pop x balloons on the Round Results screen
  • Balloons will fly by after your score is counted up. Try tapping on them!
  • You can only tap one balloon at a time. Tapping on more than one won't make them pop. 

Specific Emoji Missions
Some missions can only be completed by certain emojis. Here are some emojis you might be asked to use.
  • Boy emojis: Boy wonders including Aladdin, Dug, Sven, and others!
  • Girl emojis: Classic favorites such as Minnie, Tinker Bell, or Elsa. Check out the full list!
  • Monsters, Inc. emojis: Scare floor champions like Sully, Mike Wazowski, and Randall.
    Note that the Hatbox Ghost and Abominable Snowman are not Monsters, Inc. emojis.
  • Mickey and Friends emojis: This can be Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, or Pluto.
  • Princess emojis: A selection from our pantheon of princesses, including Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella.
  • ?Red Emojis: These are emojis with a lot of red in them, like Sebastian, Ariel, Hank, and more.
  • Underwater emojis: A lot of The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo emojis will help you here. Think Flounder, Ursula, Dory, and Hank.

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