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What are some hints and tips for Disney Epic Mickey?

posted on 2014/06/29

Using the Paintbrush
The paintbrush will not be available for use until the first mini-level, Dark Beauty Castle: Mad Doctor's Lab, has been completed.

Dark Beauty Castle: Utilidor 3 is where you can first use the paintbrush.

Traveling Wasteland
As you travel through Wasteland, your PLAYSTYLE matters. How you interact with characters and elements in the world, and how much Paint (blue) and Thinner (green) you use to alter Wasteland can lead to different outcomes and story lines:

  • Mean Street and other Quest Maps – Mean Street is where Mickey interacts with the residents of Wasteland. Mickey will encounter friends and foes alike that will provide information and quests throughout his journey. Other quest maps will unlock as he progresses in his adventure.
  • Projector Screens – Projector Screens act as portals between areas in Wasteland. When Mickey leaps into a movie screen, he will find himself in a cartoon-inspired landscape that he must traverse to move between the different parts of Wasteland. Have fun exploring these levels inspired by real cartoons!
  • Gremlins – Throughout Mickey’s adventure, he will come across residents of Wasteland known as Gremlins. Gus, the leader of the Gremlins, will act as his guide and provide hints during his time in Wasteland. Many of Gus’ friends have been captured by the Mad Doctor and will provide assistance if freed.

Paint and Thinner
Paint (blue) and Thinner (green) are powerful tools in Wasteland.


Use THINNER (green) to ERASE objects and BATTLE ENEMIES.

  • Using Paint Spray – TAP the B Button on the Wii Remote while aiming at the screen to release a quick splash of Paint. The Paint Spray is very powerful but it does not go very far. If not aiming at the screen, the Paint Spray will shoot out straight in front of Mickey.
  • Using Paint Stream – If Mickey needs to use Paint on an object that is farther away or that requires more Paint, HOLD the B Button on the Wii Remote while aiming the cursor. Be careful, this uses a lot of Paint fast!
  • Using Thinner Spray – TAP the Z Button on the Nunchuk while aiming at the screen with the Wii Remote to unleash a short, powerful splash of Thinner.
  • Using Thinner Stream – HOLD the Z Button on the Nunchuk while aiming the cursor with the Wii Remote to stream Thinner.

Mickey has the ability to turn sketches into actual objects in Wasteland. Sketches are found and earned in different parts of the world, so be on the lookout for an opportunity to collect them. Once you find an example of a sketch, Mickey will be able to buy more of that type of sketch at the Emporium on Mean Street.
  • Sketch Pad: The sketch pad in the upper right corner of the game screen holds various sketches that Mickey finds throughout Wasteland. Note that the sketch pad won't appear until Mickey acquires his first sketch. Some sketches are found while others are earned. PRESS the "+" Button on the Wii Remote to cycle through the Sketch Pad.
  • Using Sketches: Once the desired sketch is selected, use the Wii Remote to aim at the spot in Wasteland where the sketch should appear then PRESS and RELEASE the "–" Button. To cancel using a sketch, press the B Button to put it away.
  • TV: Everybody loves television – even Mickey’s enemies in Wasteland. Drop a TV sketch into the world to distract smaller enemies. Use the TV sketch on bigger enemies to get an electrifying outcome.
  • Anvil: Anvils are heavy, heavy, heavy. Drop them on enemies to squash them; use them in the game’s weightier puzzles and even as platforms to help collect out of reach items.
  • Watch: Watches don't only track time in Wasteland – they control it. Use a Watch sketch to outrun enemies or to outsmart a machine by slowing it down.

Saving the game
The game saves automatically at checkpoints, upon completing a side quest, or collecting a special item. An Epic Mickey ears logo will flash under Mickey's Health Bar to indicate the game is being saved.


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