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What are some technical troubleshooting tips for Gladius?

posted on 2014/06/30

I am having difficulty saving my game in Gladius for PlayStation2.
If you are having problems deleting or overwriting your save games for Gladius on the PlayStation2, try disconnecting any original PlayStation or PSOne memory card that may be plugged into your system and try saving again. We recommend using an official Sony PlayStation2 8MB memory card with the game.

I am having problems with my non-Sony controller working with my Playstation 2 game.
The game is designed to work with the Sony brand controllers. Some 3rd party controllers may or may not function properly. Sony only tests and guarantees games to work with their controllers.

How can I save Gladius on my Gamecube?
The game can be saved while in the World Map or the Town Menu. From the Town Menu press the Start button, choose Save Game, and proceed from there.

What movement modes are there in the game?
Grim Fandango supports two different movement modes: character-relative and camera-relative. You can switch between these on the Options screen. Character-relative movement is the default mode; your left and right on the key-board is the same as Manny's left and right. Camera-relative movement means that your left and right on the keyboard is the same as left and right on the screen, independent of the direction that Manny is facing. If you’re in camera-relative mode, you can also use the 1-3-7-9 keys to move diagonally.

Why can't I leave the roulette table?
To exit the Roulette table use the ESC key.

Why can't I pick up the Grinder in Year 4?
We recommend that you use the Pickup command, in one of two modes:
  • NumPad mode: '+' key
  • Keyboard mode: 'P' or 'A' key

What am I getting an "Eject Confirmation Request"?
If your system displays an "Eject Confirmation Request" dialog box whenever you eject a CD, we recommend that you disable it since it may interfere with the game. While we have made every effort to prevent any mishaps from occurring, we re-commend that you disable it anyway.

To disable it:

1. Go to the Device Manager (right click on My Computer, then Properties, then the Device Manager tab at the top).
2. Double-click on CD-ROM and double-click on the CD-ROM listed.
3. Cick on the Settings tab at the top.
4. Click on the checkbox marked Auto-insert notification so that the check is removed from the checkbox.

WARNING: If you use a shortcut to the executable to run the game, and your system puts up one of these dialog boxes when you eject a CD, and you have NOT disabled the auto-insert notification, the dialog box may be hidden behind the game and the game may appear to be not responding. Just press Return when this happens.

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