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What are the different types of orbs?

posted on 2017/08/25

Orbs – Match Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, and Purple orbs to clear the grid!


Brain Freezers (Level 9) – These orbs are ice-encrusted. Don't hit them directly or you'll stick!

Brain Freezers

Faded Memories (Level 19) – These dark gray orbs are blockers – work around them or drop them from the grid.

Faded Memories

Super Chargers (Level 26) – These orbs have a white interior. Hit a color that matches your Emotion to charge your power-up faster!

Super Chargers 

Cloudy Memories (Level 31) – These light gray orbs reveal their color when you hit the orbs around them.

Cloudy Memories

Relaunchers (Level 41) – Fire your orb into a Relauncher to make tricky shots.


Random Thoughts (Level 61) – These orbs constantly change color. Aim carefully!

Random Thoughts

Brainstorms (Level 76) – These bombs will clear an entire row of orbs!


Forgetters (Level 101) – These vacuums absorb memories. Hit them three times to clear!

Forgetters Orbs

Reflectors (Level 134) – These orbs bounce your shots around the grid.


Wandering Thoughts (Level 151) – These orbs roam until they find a color match.

Wandering Thoughts

Brain Surges (Level 176) – These bombs clear the orbs surrounding them!

Brain Surges

Headaches (Level 226) – These spiky orbs will make you lose a memory.

Image of mind worker saying "Headaches will make you lose a Memory!"

Abstract Thoughts (Level 251) – You have four shots to clear these orbs before they transform into a new obstacle.

Image of Absract Thoughts Mind Manual Tip – Clear surrounding memories before they transform!

Multi-Color Memories (Level 291) – Multi-color memories give you more chances to win!

Image of Multi Color Memories – Drop Memories into the Memory Holder to create Multi-Color Memories

Mental Blocks (Level 331) – Match Mental Blocks three times with their source color to clear.

Image of Mental Blocks – "Remove Mental Blocks by Matching with their source color"

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