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Disney Infinity – PlayStation 3 Controls

posted on 2014/08/01

Game Controls
 Move Left Stick
 Jump X Button
 Pick Up Item / Interact SQUARE Button
 Drop Item CIRCLE Button
 Attack TRIANGLE Button
 Fire Weapon R2 Button
 Block CIRCLE Button
 Enter Vehicle / Mount SQUARE Button
 Exit Vehicle / Dismount CIRCLE Button
 Steer Left Stick
 Accelerate R2 Button
 Brake / Reverse L2 Button
 Turbo Right Stick
 Reverse Direction L1 Button
 Fire (Armed Vehicle) TRIANGLE Button
 Camera Right Stick
 Tools and Packs hub R1 Button
 Quick Select (Tools and Packs) Directional buttons: Left/Right (tap)
 Pause Menu START

Toy Box: Building Controls

 Enter Build / Toy Select Mode SELECT Button
 Exit Build Mode CIRCLE Button
 Items Scroll: Left / Right Directional buttons: Left / Right
 Select / Place Item  SQUARE Button
 Move Item Left Stick
 Delete Selected Item (Put Away) CIRCLE Button
 Rotate Item Directional buttons: Left / Right
 Raise / Lower Item Directional buttons: Up / Down 
 Magic Wand  L2 Button + Left Stick: Aim
 Camera Rotate Right Stick
 Pause Menu START
 Tools and Packs hub R1 Button


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