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Disney Infinity – Wii Controls

posted on 2014/06/29

Game Controls
 Control Stick
 A Button
 Pick Up Item / Interact
 "-" Button
 Drop Item
 "-" Button (hold)
 Z Button
 Fire Weapon
 B Button
 "-" Button
 Enter Vehicle / Mount
 "-" Button
 Exit Vehicle / Dismount
 "-" Button (hold)
 Control Stick
 B Button
 Brake / Reverse
 Z Button
 C Button
 Reverse Direction
 +Control Pad: Down
 Fire (Armed Vehicle)
 Shake Wii Remote
 +Control Pad: Left/Right
 Tools and Packs hub
 1 Button
 Quick Select (Tools and Packs)
 +Control Pad: Left/Right (tap)
 Pause Menu
 2 Button

Toy Box: Building Controls
 Enter Build / Toy Select Mode
 "+" Button 
 Exit Build Mode
 "-" Button
 Items Scroll: Left / Right
 +Control Pad: Left / Right (Tap)
 Select / Place Item 
 A Button
 Move Item
 Control Stick
 Delete Selected Item (Put Away)
 +Control Pad: Right
 Rotate Item
 C Button + Control Stick: Left / Right
 Raise / Lower Item
 C Button + Control Stick: Up / Down 
 Magic Wand 
 C Button + Wii Remote: Aim
 Camera Rotate
 +Control Pad: Up / Down
 Pause Menu
 2 Button
 Tools and Packs hub
 1 Button

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