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What are the keyboard commands for Escape from Monkey Island?

posted on 2014/10/22

What are the keyboard commands for Escape from Monkey Island©?

Left arrow, right arrow = Turn left/right
Up arrow, down arrow = Move forwards/backwards
[Shift] = Run
[Enter] = Default action
[Pgup], [Pgdn], Alt-up arrow, Alt-down arrow = Cycle sentence line/hot object or dialog choice
[Shift-[Pgup], Shift-[Pgdn] = Page up/Page down dialog choice
Shift-Alt-up arrow, Shift-Alt-down arrow = Page up/Page down dialog choice
E, L, [Keypad5] = Look at
U = Use, Talk to
P, [Keypad+] = Pick up
I, [Insert] = Enter inventory
F1 = Menu
O = Quick Exit from the current room or location

In Inventory

Left arrow, right arrow = Cycle inventory left/right
P, [Keypad+], [Enter] = Select inventory item
Esc, I = Exit inventory
U = Select combine item (press Enter on another item to combine)

Choosing from Multiple Devices
If you have multiple game controller devices connected to your computer, you must select the device that you wish to use:

1. Open the Escape from Monkey Island© launcher.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Configuration Options.
4. Select the joystick or gamepad that you wish to use in the Joystick Configuration box.
5. Click the OK button. The device you selected will now be active in the game. Be sure that the Joystick/Gamepad control is enabled in the game's Options menu, or press Ctrl-J to toggle the joystick on while in the game.

Configuring Controllers
To configure your game controllers in the game, press F1, then O, then G. This takes you to the controller configuration screen. From this screen, you can reassign the buttons on your controller or reset them to their default settings.

You can assign game button functions to each of the 4 directions on the HAT control of a typical flight stick style joystick, even though the manual says that the HAT control is not used.

If you are using one of these joysticks, it is recommended that you map functions to the HAT accordingly so that you can make full use of the features on your joystick and minimize the needs to use the keyboard during play.

For joysticks or gamepads with analog sticks, an analog mode is available from the in-game Options menu. Enabling this allows you to control whether Guybrush runs or walks and how swiftly he turns by how far the stick is pushed. If you are playing with a digital type gamepad you should leave this option turned off.

If you are NOT using a joystick or gamepad, please make sure to disable this option within the game. This can improve performance and can prevent various control problems within the game. To do this, press F1, choose Options, select Joystick/Gamepad and select Disable.

Is there Mouse Support in the game?
There is no mouse support used while running Escape from Monkey Island.

My joystick is not being seen by the game?
If your analog joystick is not recognized in the game or has poor performance, you may have previously installed the software that ships with Microsoft digital joysticks and gamepads. Uninstalling this software and reinstalling the analog joystick in the Windows Game Controller Control Panel should correct this problem.

My new game controller is not responding.
If you are using a current save game file, and you add a new game controller device (joystick/gamepad) to your computer, that particular game controller will not function properly with your current save games. This is a known issue and has to do with the way save games are profiled and stored in the program. To address this problem, we recommend using a previously installed game controller already present on your system or using the keyboard to play the game.

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