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What can I do if my membership isn't working?

posted on 2017/05/16

Parents, if you've purchased a membership on an account but it isn't appearing, try these steps:
1. From the main screen, tap the Settings button.
Image of the main menu with the Settings button circled in the bottom right

2. Tap Sign In (if you aren't logged in already) and login with the account you're having troubles with.
Note: Make sure this is the penguin account you've purchased membership for. Your child may have created multiple penguins.

3. Tap Restore subscription.
Image of the Settings screen with the Restore subscription button circled

4. Enter your age.

The app will now attempt to restore your subscription. If you receive an error, please contact our support team by clicking the Contact Us button below. In your message, include the name of the penguin you're trying to restore a subscription for.

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