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What do I do if I'm having installaton issues with Armed and Dangerous?

posted on 2014/06/30

Can I move the program folder after installing the game?
If you wish to move the game to a new folder, we recommend that you uninstall first, then reinstall to the new location. When uninstalling, make sure to choose "Yes" when prompted to keep your user profile so you do not lose your progress. Simply moving the folder will cause the uninstaller to be unable to find the program and you will need to manually uninstall the game.

How do I install DirectX from the Armed and Dangerous CD?
DirectX 9.0b is provided for you with Armed and Dangerous. During the manual installation of the game, you will be prompted to install DirectX if it is not already correctly installed on your system.

Important: You must have Administrator rights to properly install DirectX on a Windows 2000 or XP system.

To install DirectX after installing the game, follow these steps:

From the CD:

1. Insert Armed and Dangerous Disc 1 in the CD-ROM drive.
2. Open My Computer from the desktop, or the Start Menu if you are running Windows XP.
3. Right click on the AAD_1 icon.
4. Select Open in the context menu.
5. Open the DirectX folder.
6. Double click the dxsetup.exe icon to run the installer.
7. Follow the on screen prompts.

From the Launcher:
1. Insert Armed and Dangerous Disc 1 in the CD-ROM drive.
2. Select Help from the Armed and Dangerous launcher.
3. Select Analyze your Computer.
4. Click on Install DirectX 9.0b and follow the on screen prompts.

NOTE: Some programs that were made with earlier versions of DirectX may not work with DirectX 9.0b.

How much free disk space is required for Armed and Dangerous installation?
Please check the amount of available hard drive space on your system before installing the game. Installation requires 4.3 GB of free hard drive space. We recommend that you have at least an additional 200 MB of free space available for the Windows swap/page file. If you have too little free space on your hard drive after installing Armed and Dangerous, you may be unable to start the program.

I am being prompted to install DirectX 9.0b when I try to run Armed and Dangerous. I already have DirectX 9.0c installed!
If you already have the latest release version DirectX (9.0c) installed from http://www.microsoft.com/directx but the game continues to request that you update DirectX when you attempt to start the game, please try launching the game as follows:

Place the game CD in the drive and exit the launcher menu when it appears. Next, launch the game using the game.exe file on your hard drive. If you installed the game to the default location:

1. Open My Computer
2. Open the C: local drive
3. Open the Program Files folder
4. Open the LucasArts folder
5. Open the Armed and Dangerous folder
6. Open the Gamedata folder
7. Double-click the game.exe file to start the game

You may want to right-click the game.exe file and choose Create Shortcut and then copy this new shortcut to your Windows desktop or Windows Start Menu for the game for easier access.

I am installing Armed and Dangerous from multiple CD drives and am having a problem.
When you install the game using two CD-ROM drives and interchanging the discs between the drives during installation, you will not be able to browse the CD to select the correct drive. When installing on multiple drives, you must specify the entire path.

I cannot launch the game. What do I do now?
If you are experiencing problems trying to launch Armed and Dangerous after a successful installation, please try the following: 
  • Re-boot the system and try launching the program again.
  • Make sure you have the retail Disc 1 disc in a local CD/DVD drive.
  • Close all other running applications, especially things such as Clean Sweep, anti-virus software, ZoneAlarm, and CD burning software such as Nero or EZ CD creator.
  • If you have more than one local CD/DVD drive, try all drives.
  • If you have a Virtual CD Drive installed, make sure it is disabled.
  • Make sure you have updated firmware for your optical drive AND that you have the latest motherboard drivers available.
  • Make sure you wait for the Play disc authentication after the program launches. It can take up to one-half minute or more for initial disc authentication.

I cannot reinstall Armed and Dangerous after a failed install or uninstallation.
When installation of the game fails, you may need to manually remove some InstallShield files before attempting to reinstall the game.

1. Open the My Computer window, go to View on the menu bar (in Win9x) or go to Tools (Windows 2000/XP), and select Folder Options.
2. Select the View tab, and click on the option to Show All Files.
3. Open the C drive, then open the Program Files folder, and open the InstallShield Installation Information folder.
4. Within this folder there is a folder called {37D422FE-0E44-4595-9ADF-BE4C1B70318F}
5. Right-click this folder and choose to delete it from your hard drive. Other folders may have similar names, so make sure that you properly identify the correct folder before you delete it.

After doing this, place Disc One of the game in the drive (and exit the launcher menu if it comes up):
1. Open the My Computer Window once more.
2. Right-click the CD-ROM icon and choose Open.
3. Access the GameData folder
4. Double-click the setup.exe file here and attempt to install the game once more.

I installed the program, but the shortcut did not appear on the desktop.
The shortcut may not appear on your desktop after installing the game if multiple users use one computer and the system is configured with each person having a separate profile. If your system is configured this way and you choose to create a shortcut to the game during installation, it may not appear on your desktop. If this occurs, just go to the Windows Desktop folder and copy the shortcut to your current desktop or copy the shortcut from the Start Menu to your desktop.

Do the digital download versions of the games from Steam or Direct2Drive include all the updates?
Yes, all the older titles being released through Steam and Direct2Drive include all available patches or updates. Note that unless indicated, they do not include any expansions or plugins.  

Is there a way to get the additional content/levels for Armed and Dangerous other than through Xbox Live?
To receive updates and bonus content you must have an account with Xbox Live. There are no other distribution channels for Xbox content for the game.


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