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What do I do if I’m having issues playing videos?

posted on 2016/04/05

Have technical questions about Disney videos? We've got answers!
How do I pause, fast forward, or adjust the volume?
Just point your cursor over the video window! The controls that allow you to pause, fast forward, rewind, adjust the volume, and watch the video in full screen mode will appear along the bottom of the video:

Image of Goofy on a surfboard, with Video controls highlighted


Some videos don't start playing automatically. How can I make them play?
If a video doesn't start playing right away, just point your cursor over the video window until the controls appear, then click the Play arrow.


How do I view videos in full screen?
To view videos in full screen, point your cursor over the video window. When the controls appear, click the Full Screen icon in the lower right. Use the Esc key to leave full screen mode.

Image of Goofy on a surfboard, with Full Screen controls highlighted


I clicked a video and a different clip than described started playing. What should I do?
Expecting to see a trailer for the latest Disney movie and find you're watching a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon instead? Let us know if we've incorrectly labeled a video so we can fix it!

Please contact us with the video link, the title of the clip that was supposed to play, and the title of the clip that actually played.


How do I update my browser or Adobe® Flash® Player?
If you're having issues playing videos or viewing animation on the site, the likely cause is an outdated browser or version of the Adobe® Flash® Player. Please make sure you have the Adobe® Flash® Player installed and updated to the latest version available for your operating system (OS) and browser:




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