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What do I do if my purchase is not showing up?

posted on 2014/06/29

Some players have found that, after purchasing and downloading Cranky's Story from the Cranky Pack in Where's My Water?, it still shows as available for purchase when tapping Details on Hunger Pains:
Where's My Water?

This may be caused by one of the following:
  • The transaction was actually not completed (see below)
  • The content was not downloaded
First, try quitting all opens apps and powering down your device. 

If this doesn't help, and the in-app transaction was completed successfully, try the following:
1. From the main menu, tap on Play
2. Scroll across to and tap on Cranky's Story
3. Scroll to Hunger Pains and tap on Details
4. At the purchase screen for Cranky's Story, tap on Yeah!
5. At the confirmation screen, tap on Buy
Where's My Water?
6. At the Sign in screen, tap on Use Existing Apple ID
Where's My Water?
7. If the transaction was previously completed, the following screen should appear stating the content has already been purchased. Tap OK to download it again for free
Where's My Water?


Verifying the transaction in iTunes:

1. Launch iTunes
2. Click on the iTunes Store icon in the left column
3. In the iTunes Store window on the right, click on Account in the QUICK LINKS section
4. In the Purchase History section, click on See All
5. The completed transaction will show as Where's My Water?, Cranky's Story 
Where's My Water?


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