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What does the 1.01 update for Grim Fandango correct?

posted on 2014/06/30

There are some spoilers listed below, so read only as far as you need to!

The updater can be downloaded here.

GLOBAL – A crash with a "MAX_OPEN_FILES" message after copying over all the .LAB files from both CDs to the hard drive to improve the game performance.

YEAR 1 – A rare lockup that occurs after Manny dismounts the rope from the ledge, after which he might walk off without the camera changing to follow him.

YEAR 2 – A rare lockup that occurs when the beatnik girl is served the "coffin shooter" in the Blue Casket.
Allows the use of "Enter" to open the door to the Blue Casket Kitchen.
A lockup that causes players to get permanently stuck near the elevator to the High Roller Lounge.
The High Roller Kitchen elevator goes by too fast to solve the puzzle on very fast machines.
The doors for the elevator in the High Roller Kitchen get stuck closed if the player leaves that room while the doors are still open, and then comes back to that room later.

YEAR 3 – A crash to the desktop on very fast machines (Pentium II-400s and higher) when the player approaches the giant crushers near the crane.

YEAR 4 – The player can make the Albinizod slide into the foreground in the Albinizod tunnel, which locks up the game.

FEATURE ADDED – Due to overwhelming demand, cutscenes now have dialog text! This can be turned on and off with Control-T (the same command used to turn text on and off throughout the rest of the game). (Note: this command does not work when viewing cutscenes through the cutscene viewer, which is available from the main menu.) If you find that some text lines are not being displayed when you view a cutscene, you may need to increase the text speed, which you can do from the "Options" menu.


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