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What if I am an international guest who wants to enter a contest or sweepstakes?

posted on 2016/04/06

Why do you send me email messages about your contests when I'm ineligible to enter as an international resident?

When you registered at Disney.com, you asked to receive exciting updates and news via email. This added you to our general e-newsletter list. Our newsletter list server does not make a distinction between emails which may or may not be pertinent to you personally based upon your email address and the newsletter content.

If you'd prefer not to receive future updates, please click on the unsubscribe link within the newsletter.

Why are guests outside of the United States and Canada restricted from entering your contests?

We regret that our international guests aren't able to participate in many of our online contests. Due to strict laws in other countries governing online contests, it's difficult for us to register our sweepstakes outside of the United States. You may want to visit our Disney International home page to see if there is an international site specific to your region. These sites are produced locally in their host countries and frequently offer contests for our international Guests that are not available here at Disney.com.

Why are residents of Quebec restricted from entering your online contest when it is open to residents of other parts of Canada?

This is due to strict laws in Quebec that make residents of that province ineligible to enter many of our online contests. Quebec law requires that all promotional materials related to any such contest be presented in both English and French.


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