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What is a Parent Account and why do I need one?

posted on 2014/10/28

The Parent Account allows you to manage your child(s) penguin. You can set play timers, update passwords, change the chat mode, cancel your membership, and more using this free tool. You can get to the Parents section by clicking here.

The email address used to create the account is your login to the Parent Account.
There are a few different reasons why you may have troubles logging into your Parent Account:
  • You may be entering an incorrect email. Keep in mind that the email used to purchase a membership is often different from the email used to create the account.
  • You may have not yet created a Parent Account.
  • You may be entering an incorrect password.

Creating a Parent Account:
A valid email address and the correct penguin name and password are required to make a Parent Account. It’s important to make sure the email address is entered correctly.

Create a Parent Account screen
1. Enter in the requested information.
2. A confirmation email will be sent to the parent email address. If the penguin was created with the same email, you’re all set!
3. If the penguin was created with a different address, an email will be sent to the original address requesting to update the email.
4. Click the link to accept the email address change.

To change the email address on your child’s account:
1. First, create a Parent Account using your current address.
2. Log in and click the Add A Penguin button.
Add a penguin
3. Enter in the child’s penguin name and password. An email will be sent to the current address associated with your child’s penguin.
Add a penguin
4. Click the link accepting the email address change.

Changing your Parent Account password:
You can change the password associated with your Parent Account here.

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