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Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

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What's New in Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot?

posted on 2016/10/19

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Version 2.0

Released: October 20, 2016 for all platforms
What's New
Reindeers are Better Than People 
Sven is joining the fun in Arendelle! Help him paint in an all-new game mode. Aim for the paint buckets and paint the cloth tiles to clear the level!

A Flurry of New Levels
Break the ice with 15 new levels with MORE coming soon!

Fall Harvest Coming Soon
Harvest and collect pumpkins with Oaken! The Fall Harvest is coming soon with a limited time event, sale, and prizes!


Image of a Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot level
Version 1.7.0
Released: September 29, 2016
What's New
Worldwide Release
Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot is now available worldwide!

3D Touch
Perfect your aim with quick access to the zoom features with 3D Touch!

Replay Kit
Record, save, and share your videos with friends and who's got the iciest shot. ReplayKit features available on devices with iO6 10.

Pre-Level Power-Ups
Start your level with your favorite power-up to rack up high scores and coolest shots!

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