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Maleficent Free Fall

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What's new in Maleficent Free Fall?

posted on 2016/10/11

Maleficent Free Fall

Version 3.9
Released: December 6, 2016 for all platforms

What's New
60 New Powerful Levels Await
Explore new Chapters in the Book of Moors and complete 60 Magical new levels!

Vanquish the Water
Try to clear the water from the board placed there by the mystical Water Orb!

Winter has Returned
Winter has once again come upon the land of Moors. Explore the wonder of winter throughout the game!

Version 3.7
Released: October 10, 2016 for all platforms

What's New
New Chapters Await
Explore Chapters 32 and 33 on the Moors Map and discover 40 magical new levels!

Free the Lucent Sprites
Help Maleficent's creatures! Make matches next to Lucent Flowers to free the Sprites!


Version 3.6
Released: September 13, 2016

What's New
Mystical New Puzzles
Continue your journey through the Moors Map with Maleficent’s creatures! Play 40 spellbinding levels in Chapters 30 and 31!

Version 3.5
Released: August 16, 2016
What's New
20 New Levels
The next chapter is available with 20 brand new levels!

Hammering Stones
Create matches with magical Hammering Stones to create amazing combos!

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