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What's new in STAR WARS™: Commander?

posted on 2017/04/19

SWC load screen

Version 4.9
Released: April 19, 2017

What's New
Celebrate 40 years in a galaxy far, far away in this limited-time Star Wars: 40th Anniversary event! Collect new Death Star Crates to earn rewards inspired by the film, including new droids and unique abilities for heroes!

New Hero Equipment:
Lord Vader - When activated, this equipment allows Darth Vader to bring troopers of the 501st Legion with him into battle.
Artoo & Threepio - With this equipment, R2-D2 closes in and stuns enemy turrets, with C-3PO by his side!
New Support Units:
Imperial Astromedic - Heals Empire infantry in battle.
WED Treadwell Repair Droid - Repairs Rebel vehicles in battle.

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