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What will happen to my books in Disney Storytime?

posted on 2016/10/18

When launching Disney Storytime, the following message appears announcing that the app will be removed from the App Store soon.
Disney Storytime - Sunset message

While Disney Storytime will no longer be available in the App Store, you will still be able to access your purchased books and manage your credits in Disney Story Central! Please make sure to check back for a forthcoming update that will allow you to transition your books and credits from Disney Storytime to Disney Story Central.
  • Click here to access Disney Story Central in the App Store
  • Click here for more info on Disney Story Central

Simply let the guest know that, while it hasn't released yet, we will be updating both Storytime and Story Central to allow a seamless transition of both books and credits. We do not have an exact date of release, but it will be soon. When this is released, this article will be updated.

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