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Where's My Water? 2

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What do I do if I can't access new levels or content?

posted on 2014/06/29

We've heard from some players that after updating to the latest version of Where's My Water? 2, the newly downloaded levels and content do not appear in the game.

This issue is usually caused by advancing to Play before all assets in the update have been downloaded, or an unstable/intermittent internet connection.

To resolve, please try the following:

1. Force quit Where's My Water? 2 to ensure that it's not running in the background
2. Verify your device's internet connection
3. Relaunch Where's My Water? 2
4. At the Where's My Water? 2 Home menu, a bar displaying the status of the download will appear

Downloading status in Where's My Water? 2

5. Allow the update to download completely before tapping the Play button to access the new levels and content.

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