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Why can't I log into my Disney account?

posted on 2017/03/27

Are you having trouble logging into the Club Penguin Island website? You could be running into a problem if you try to log in with your Club Penguin name and password.

Let's go through this together.

Here's the sign in page for a Disney account. It's important to note that a Disney account does not use your Club Penguin name and password. We'll ask for your Club Penguin information later so you can reserve your gifts.

1. If you've never made a Disney account before, you should click Create My Account.

Image of the sign up screen.

2. On this screen you'll enter your first name and your parent's email address, then create a username and password for your Disney account. 

The username you create will not be your penguin name. This username is private and is only for your Disney account sign-in. Other players will not see it.

Important Note: Usernames cannot have spaces and should just be letters and numbers. 

Image of the username and password selection screen.

3. Now the easy part! You'll be asked if you have a Club Penguin account. If you do, click the checkmark.

Image of a screen asking if the user has a Club Penguin account.

4. Now you can enter your Club Penguin name and password! This is exactly the name and password you use to play at http://www.clubpenguin.com

Image of a screen asking the player for their Club Penguin name

5. Perfect! You can click on your current penguin's name or choose a new one by selecting Create a New Name. 
Image of a screen asking the player to choose their name.

6. Welcome to Club Penguin Island! You'll receive special items when you log into Club Penguin Island for the first time.
 Image of the reward screen.

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