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Why did I get a duplicate emoji?

posted on 2017/05/17

That's great! You increase an emoji’s Power Level by getting a duplicate of that emoji in the Emoji Shop. When you first get an emoji, its power level is at Level 1. Gathering duplicate emojis will eventually upgrade your currently owned emoji to the next level, increasing the strength of its special power!
Disney Emoji Blitz - Power Increased!

Want to see how powerful your emoji is? Check out the emojis page, select an emoji, and look for the bar to the right of the Power Level shield!
Disney Emoji Blitz - Power Meter

If you'd like to see how many emojis are required for each Power Level, check the information below.
Power LevelSilver Box Emojis RequiredGold Box Emojis Required
4 5
5 10

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