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Why isn’t my Wii™ game disc recognized?

posted on 2014/08/15

After inserting a Disney Infinity Wii game disc into the Wii system, the game does not load or is not recognized by the Wii.
This issue can occur under the following circumstances:
  • Wii system has not been updated to the latest firmware
  • The Wii system's disc drive lens is dirty
  • An incorrectly formatted disc (eg. Wii U)

User-added imageUpdate your Wii system from the game disc. Proceed as follows:
1. First, eject the disc; wait a few seconds and then reinsert it.
2. Allow the console enough time to read the disc (it may take up to 2 minutes); you should then be prompted with the Wii System update.
3. Point the Wii cursor to the Disc Channel at the top left corner of the Wii Channel menu.
4. Press the A button on the Wii remote; the Wii system software update will be initiated from the disc. Click OK to install.
NOTE: Current version of the Wii System Software is listed in the upper right corner of the Wii System Settings menu.
User-added imageClean your Wii system (disc drive lens)
  • Disney Infinity utilizes a dual-layer disc which has a large memory capacity. According to Nintendo, a very small percentage of Wii systems may have trouble consistently reading data off this large capacity disc if there is contamination on the lens of the disc drive.
  • For more information on cleaning your Wii System, visit Nintendo.
User-added imageIf the game disc is still not being recognized by the system, it could possibly be a Wii U game disc. Please make sure that you are inserting a Disney Infinity Wii game disc into the Wii System:
Wii Game Disc
Wii U Game Disc
Wii Disc
 Wii U Disc

User-added imageFor repair information, please refer to the Wii manual, or contact Nintendo for additional information:
  • Nintendo System Set-Up, Troubleshooting and Repair:  1-800-255-3700


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